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Operation Theatre Lights

Surgical lights allow doctors and surgeons to perform surgeries without interruption. Advanced components and technology ensure excellent lighting and eliminate annoying shadows. Components and surgical dome lights are sourced from international companies to ensure perfect functionality.

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Operation Theatre Tables

 To ensure optimum table configuration and safe patient positioning in all surgical procedures, most technical and mechanical components are imported into India from reputable companies around the world. Foreign-made operating tables can cost as much as $1.5 million to $2 million, far more than most hospitals in India can afford. That's why we assemble and manufacture our components in India using CNC technology to reduce our prices by 50%.

Other Equipments

We've managed to reduce the cost by 50%

Hospital Beds

These beds are equipped with various adjustable features, such as height, backrest, and leg elevation.

Hospital Furniture

These pieces of furniture serve various functions, including patient care, diagnostic procedures.


Hospital accessories encompass a wide array of essential items that support the smooth functioning of healthcare facilities.

Steam Sterlizers

It is a critical process in healthcare facilities. It involves the use of high-pressure steam to eliminate harmful microorganism.

Infant Caring

Infant caring equipment comprises a range of specialized tools and devices designed to ensure the safety & comfort.

OT Lights

Operating theater equipment, also known as surgical equipment, is a critical part of any healthcare facility.

Our Process

3 Step Process


Specific medical equipment needs of the healthcare facility. This is done by considering the services provided, patient volume, and the types of medical procedures performed.


Medical equipment is installed in the appropriate clinical areas within the healthcare facility. This includes ensuring the equipment meets safety standards & integrated into structure

Lifecycle Management

Establish a schedule for regular maintenance and inspections of medical equipment to identify and address any issues before they become critical. This ensure reliability & patient safety.

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